Welcome to my Gallery

About Me
I'm someone who's as comfortable getting around big city streets as much as exploring lost mountain trails, forests or desserts. If it's a new place I'm in, or a project assignment, then I need to find what's interesting about it and reflect it in the images I capture as best I can. I'm like this with most people I meet in life as well... my photos try to express something I may have seen in you... Always my own interpretation of the moment.
My passion for photography mainly began with my wonder of my Dad's great knowledge and love of Art and Photography, and my Uncle's natural ability to create beautiful photo images. So I studied Art, Photography, Film History and Production in college and professional workshops through the years. I have many favorite directors, artists, photographers and cinematographers I could name, but mostly it's those two men who remain my spiritual muse, as I still think of them while my work continues to grow and I create better images. So as you look through my galleries, I hope you catch a glimpse of not only what I see, but how I see through the lens.
I'm in the process of scanning my older images from 35mm Slides and plan to include most of my current work here. I hope that you find my personal space worth returning to as I continue to add new work to my portfolio.
Your comments are always welcome and wanted.
Enjoy and Be Well

Pro Services
My photo assignment work can be viewed here in your own private gallery. Clicking on any photo gives a larger image. When ordering Prints, by adding the Protective Lustre Coating to your Color or B/W print orders will give them a nice semi-gloss look. Remember to select the B/W paper if you are ordering B/W prints.
All Copyright watermarks are removed from all Non-Commercial final prints before you receive them.
Certain select images are also available to purchase image file downloads for Rights Managed Licensed Commercial use, online or personal use and can be found at
Unless otherwise noted those image files may retain a small copyright watermark.
I am also available for any type of Film or Video Production work. Feel free to contact me with any questions or requests you might have.